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Published Jul 31, 22
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We take the utmost care to provide the best recommendations, especially where that is when not to use geophysics. We team up with a variety of universities and academic institutions in the UK and overseas. Our research is at the forefront of making geophysical technologies more accurate, more dependable, more effective and more cost reliable.

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Our firm uses geophysical services and I am frequently asked if we complete ground geophysics in-house, which I find very curious. Maybe explorers are under such pressure to get their surveys done ASAP, that requesting the firm that does the studies in the field to interpret the information appears to be efficient.

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To me, it is a downside to depend on your geophysical specialist * to complete quality control and analysis of your information. Simply like you would not rely on an assay lab to do your sample QC analysis, it would be best to get an impartial set of eyes on the geophysical data likewise.

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Sure, we go to the field, and in a pinch we can lease ground magnetometers or gravimeters and do some surveying. This summer is especially busy as everybody is hurrying to go out and explore. But the more complex the geophysical survey, the much better it is left to the professionals who focus on collecting information in the field.